TASTO-SOLO  could be considered an art publisher that represents artists and craftsmen. It’s where new ideas in art meet high-end decoration. TASTO-SOLO’s main objective is to introduce art and design to a broader audience through the world’s most exclusive interior stores, renowned museum shops, art galleries, architects and interior designers. Not only does the company vouch for artistic creativity, but also for sustainability and the wellbeing of communities by supporting local projects.

Ambition of TASTO-SOLO is to stage the interior design, with accessories that dress up the snapshots of our life. Home accessories are the details that enhance, or simply ‘complete’ our way of living.

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All of our products are produced by skilled craftsmen and artisans. A handcrafted and low technology-based production brings on a variation in all shapes and colours, and thereby a strong sense of authenticity to all of our products. Each mould in which our products are made, is made by hand, as well as the final refining details of each product.


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